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Navigating Family Court: In the Best Interest of Your Child
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Going to court can be scary. Going to court to decide custody of your child can be truly terrifying — there is so much at stake!
The better prepared you are, the less stress there will be for you and your child. Navigating Family Court: In the Best Interest of Your Child, written by Rhonda R. Hopkins, a twenty-year veteran within the family court system, will offer the following insights:
*What to Expect When You Go to Court
*What Things a Judge Might Order
*What is Involved in a Custody Evaluation
*What to Do if there are Issues Involving Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Child Abuse/Neglect, or Domestic Violence
*Information on Mediation, Parent Education, and Counseling
*A List of Things You Should Gather for Easy Access
*Tips on Co-Parenting
*And More!
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Rhonda Hopkins is also an award-winning author of fiction which can be found at RhondaHopkins.com
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Rhonda Hopkins worked within the Family Court system for twenty years, ten of those as a custody evaluator. She has extensive knowledge of child abuse and neglect, experience in forensic interviewing, and she is a certified family mediator. During her years working with families, Rhonda saw firsthand how confusing most litigants found court to be. NAVIGATING FAMILY COURT: IN THE BEST INTEREST OF YOUR CHILD is the result of Rhonda's wanting to share her experience with others so they might have a little peace of mind during the stress of divorce and/or custody litigation. In NAVIGATING FAMILY COURT: IN YOUR CHILD’S BEST INTEREST, she provides information on what to expect in court from Judges and attorneys, during custody evaluations, possible witnesses that might be involved, and much more. Rhonda also offers co-parenting suggestions to make things easier on your child.

Rhonda Hopkins is also an award-winning author of fiction. Works of fiction can be found on her personal website: RhondaHopkins.com.
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