Tracy Lay

Tracy Lay
Author Name: Tracy Lay
Most Recent Book Title: Before You Self-Publish: 6 things every non-fiction author needs to know for self-publishing success
Book Description: A brief but essential guide to planning your next book in order to reach the people you want to reach, create the impact you want to have, and build your own version of success.
Location (city/state/country): Caldwell, Idaho
Author bio: Hey there! I help non-fiction author/solopreneurs make smarter design choices (which may or may NOT involve hiring someone like me!) so they can quit wasting time, energy, and money on design that doesn’t do what they need it to.

I’m a 20+-year design pro with a passion for books and branding. I help self-publishing nonfiction authors reach more readers, grow their platform and sell more books.
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