Shantini Munthree

Shantini Munthree
Author Name: Shantini Munthree
Most Recent Book Title: LOVE & FEAR : Mastering the Primal Motives of Buyers
Book Description: Drawing on work to build and transform some of the world’s largest brands, LOVE & FEAR is a marketing book that cuts to the chase of brand positioning, explaining gaps in buyer behavior that have long frustrated marketers.
Location (city/state/country): Phoenix, Arizona
Author bio: Shantini Munthree describes herself as having an American heart, South African soul, and a Universal spirit. She has helped transform some of the world’s leading brands. Shantini is President of BRANDKIND, a socially conscious brand strategy consultancy. Her new marketing book, LOVE & FEAR : Mastering the Primal Motives of Buyers shares a simple marketing framework that anyone can use, from an entrepreneur to a chief marketing officer of a Fortune 500 company. To learn more, please visit
Professional Speaker Topics: Brand Marketing
LOVE + FEAR : How to master the two primal motives of buyers (based on my new book)
Join the Movement: How to connect to higher purpose missions
Becoming a conscious brand
Top trends in conscious marketing
Services Brands: Why Reputation & Brand are close cousins
Branding in consulting services
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