Shantini Munthree

Shantini Munthree
Shantini Munthree
LOVE & FEAR : Mastering the Primal Motives of Buyers
Drawing on work to build and transform some of the world’s largest brands, LOVE & FEAR is a marketing book that cuts to the chase of brand positioning, explaining gaps in buyer behavior that have long frustrated marketers.
Phoenix, Arizona
Shantini Munthree describes herself as having an American heart, South African soul, and a Universal spirit. She has helped transform some of the world’s leading brands. Shantini is President of BRANDKIND, a socially conscious brand strategy consultancy. Her new marketing book, LOVE & FEAR : Mastering the Primal Motives of Buyers shares a simple marketing framework that anyone can use, from an entrepreneur to a chief marketing officer of a Fortune 500 company. To learn more, please visit
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