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The Price of Evolution Series: The Sanctified Sacrifices of Healing and Deliverance
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Are you ready to gut out the things that no longer serve a purpose in your life and rebuild the unimaginable? Do you ever find yourself looking for the right words to express the unexplainable things in your life? Do you find yourself going into hibernation or taking cover from the torrential storms of life to readjust your thoughts and plan of action. Have you ever felt lost in a world you co-created that requires you to keep it real with self in order to break down and break thru walls of despair? The Price of Evolution Series begins and ends in unapologetically, loving yourself and boldly embracing a level of transparency, hidden in the darkest corridors of our minds. Unmask the fears and imaginations of self-entrapment, which keeps us ensnared for far too long. Evolution often comes with a sacrifice and a desire to become the best version of ourselves and embrace life’s takeaways. The Price of Evolution Series is so diverse, it transcends and delivers in profound ways, with introspective views that is sure to touch every walk of life at your crossroads. Avis Cherie’ is a realist and delivers no less than a stellar approach, as this book unveils a host of family and life issues, hardships, victories and triumphs. It serves a well-rounded purpose, from the boardroom, to the pulpit and to the hood, it breaks down the many transitions in life we all face at some time or another. The Price of Evolution Series will shed light on things often swept under the rug or that goes unanswered. We must garner the strength, in order to gain ground in pursuit of peace. We must fight boldly to get away from our past and it often starts with an admission. Albeit an admission of shame, guilt, denial, poor choices or whatever has kept you bound, we must face it to chasten it. Avis Cherie’ will never leave you by the wayside. She is a Purpose Driven Servant Leader and has often led by her own trials & triumphs so that you will never feel abandoned in your Sanctified Sacrifices Throughout Your Healing Deliverance. Instead, she aims to stand in the gap so our sacrifices will not be in vain because the Evolution will and must take place.
Location (city/state/country)
Newark, Delaware, United States
Author bio
Avis Cherie’ was born and raised in St. Louis, Mo. and in 1993, she relocated to Newark, De. and raised her beautiful 4 children. While in Delaware, she has established herself in Leadership, Mental Health Counseling, Education, Associate Graduate School Instructor at Widener Law and UPenn, Consulting and worked in the in the Health and Social Services & Advocacy fields over 25 years. Aside and in addition to her employment and educational journey, Ms. Miner has continually exemplified a Higher Call and Purpose in Servant Leadership and has been an Inspirer and Motivator to all those she serves, advocates and advises. As she evolves, she has embarked on her life’s purpose and July 2014, became the Founder & oversees her own 501(c)3 Non-Profit Outreach Ministries and as of July 2016, received her Copyright Registration for her first, soon to be self-published; “The Price of Evolution Series”.

Ms. Miner decided to utilize her platforms to continue to reach people to build and uplift families and communities, which is why she broadened her Outreach Creative Arts & Media Ministries and launched an online Talk Radio & Podcast Station Platform; Community Bricklayers. All of Ms. Miner’s endeavors & accreditations gives an introspective and holistic view of the woman, the Servant Leader, the mother and helper, and Self-Acclaimed Mantra; Avis Cherie’- “Ms. Motivational Mogul Mindset”. She currently holds a Master’s of Science in Mental Health Counseling & Human Services (Summa Cum Laude). She is currently dedicated to living a Holistic Lifestyle, freeing her mind, body and spirit of any and all debris that comes along to stunt our growth. Instead, her concentration is basking in happiness, breathing in peace and cherishing the kid like giggles just being free-to-be.
Professional Speaker Topics
Reality Therapeutic Approach to Self-Awareness, Spirituality, Personal and Professional Development, Inspirer and Motivational Speaker.
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Servant Leadership is my Mantra and Ms. Motivational Mogul Mindset; The Concierge' Consultant is my Motto.

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