Marly Bergerud

Marly as Dean of Business
Author Name: Marly Bergerud
Most Recent Book Title: My Dance With the Devil
Book Description: This story is of a woman used to leading the pack to one struggling to face and overcome the family curse, serious illness, a sexual assault, and, yet, flourish going forward.
Location (city/state/country): Palm Desert/CA/USA
Author bio: Marly Bergerud’s career began as a legal secretary, then became a teacher of high school and a college professor before becoming a college Dean for 18 years and a college Vice President. Simultaneously, Marly raised an amazing son while writing and publishing 25 technology-related textbooks. As a final career in high-tech, she assisted educators of Colleges and Universities across the United States in integrating visual simulation 3D technologies into their programs. This integration of technologies provided new ways for changing the way people learn. Some of her favorite work was mentoring educators through her public speaking by assisting them in their understanding of the new technologies. Her passions are family, her friends, dance and piano, the theatre, and living in the Desert. Marly holds a BA in Business and an MS in Education from the University of Southern California.
Professional Speaker Topics: Surviving abuse, alcoholism, broken dreams, failed relationships, an assault, and cancer – yet a great life reborn.
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