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From Depression to Contentment: A self-therapy guide
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From Depression to Contentment: A self-therapy guide is a course of therapy in your pocket. You can be your own therapist in changing the way you see yourself and your world. This saves lots of money, and is 100% confidential.
The book starts with first aid, gives an understanding of the nature and causes of suffering, instructs you in research-based techniques for dealing with your problems, and finally teaches you an actual cure for depression.
Reviewer Theresa Hortley: “All of Bob's novels I've read are full of therapeutic lessons. Here is a book designed as a set of therapeutic lessons that is as enjoyable to read as any novel.”
What the book offers
• Many instructional books are boring; heavy reading. This book is not only useful but also enjoyable.
• Every tool in this book is based on research, but presented in an easy to understand, easy to apply manner.
• Using the many homework assignments, you will find your inner strengths, uncover the true source of happiness, and develop great resilience.
• Bob teaches you how to put the philosophy of all great religions to practical use, even if you are an atheist.
• You are not experiencing depression, but people you love are? A chapter is devoted to helping them.
• Carrying through the program Bob describes can start a new life for you: one of meaning, positivity and purpose.
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Bob Rich, Ph.D. earned his doctorate in psychology in 1972. He worked as an academic, researcher and applied scientist until “retiring” the first time at 36 years of age. Later, he returned to psychology and qualified as a Counseling Psychologist, running a private practice for over 20 years. During this time, he was on the national executive of the College of Counselling Psychologists of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), then spent three years as a Director of the APS. He was the therapist referrers sent their most difficult cases to.
Bob retired in 2013, but still does pro bono counseling over the internet. This has given him hundreds of “children” and “grandchildren” he has never met, because many of these people stay in touch for years. His major joy in life is to be of benefit to others, which is why he wrote a book that’s in effect a course of therapy.
You can get to know him well at his blog, Bobbing Around, https://bobrich18.wordpress.com
Professional Speaker Topics
Transforming global culture into one that is sustainable, and worth surviving in.
Positive psychology.
Dealing with trauma.
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Live simply so you may simply live.

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