Suzanne Lyons
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Empowering Young Voices for the Planet
Book Description
Empowering Young Voices for the Planet is a teaching manual on the topic of climate change. The book includes a section on positive pedagogy, which incorporates student activism to replace fear with hope and apathy with action. Also included are classroom hands-on and minds-on activities that can be used in conjunction with the Young Voices for the Planet film series, which consists of short, award-winning films ready for classroom use that can be streamed from The book contains a mini-manual giving teachers the practical tips they need to support students in their own climate related projects as well as correlations to NGSS standards. The book is co-authored with Lynne Cherry (film producer) and Juliana Texley (current President of the NSTA.)
Additional Book Titles
• Conceptual Integrated Science (College level textbook program published by Pearson Education)
• Conceptual Integrated Science–Explorations (High-school level textbook program published by Pearson Education)
• The Minds-On Hands-On Activity Book for Physical Science (published by Pearson)
• Hotlinks: Stars and Galaxies (published by Classroom Connect)
• Gravity (published by Benchmark Education)
• Electricity Adds Up (published by Benchmark Education)
• Oops! Why Did I Do That? (published by Benchmark Education)
• Pete Discovers Gravity (published by Benchmark Education)
Location (city/state/country)
Nevada City, CA, USA
Author bio
Suzanne Lyons, M.A., M.A., is a science educator and author. Her works range from science textbooks to fiction and nonfiction books for kids, teaching manuals, and online resources from tutorials to games. She specializes in physics, earth science, and climate science writing. She also writes for and teaches teachers. Her recent interests include social-and-emotional learning, holistic education and climate change education. She founded, a small business that supplies cooperative games.
Professional Speaker Topics
cooperative games
climate change education
holistic science education
integrated science education
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

We must learn to live together as brothers [and sisters] or perish together as fools. Martin Luther King Jr.

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