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Animal confidential
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This book encourages us to humbly learn from animals and apply the lessons from their nature, adaptation and uniqueness to our everyday lives. This book is soon to be published hopefully it will be out in May 2019. The book is written in series for the whole family.
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Warri, Delta State, Nigeria
Author bio
I am miss Temitope, I am a Nigerian. I am a learner, student and pretty much anything (good) you want me to be. I love taking short courses online. I love Jesus, people, travel and am a foodie. My writing is mainly to encourage family unity/bonding(preaching love and responsibilities), because no society can be better than the families in it. I believe if we humble ourselves to learn from animals and eachother, we will do better and achieve much more than we could ever imagine in every area of life. I will love to demonstrate through my writing that animals are an embodiment of things we love or should love: art, music, love and maybe civilization... And that's it. Oh, I love to cook cos I love good food and even the finer things in life! Don't give me that face! I have worked so hard. Thanks for reading.
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Child Maltreatment/Abuse
Domestic Responsibility
Soft Skills
Planning and Strategizing
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