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Cancer Emotional And Spiritual Compendium
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Here we will be talking about lots of love and spiritual energy and reframing family relationships and Believing in Miracles, and preparing for miracles and expecting Miracles and then finding out information about yourself. Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers may have become desensitized through no fault of your own. Information can provide possibilities that can help the discovery of things in your story that you may not have even ever known.

Doctors deal with facts and optimize possibilities. You can be your well of information if you cultivate your awareness and peace of mind. Staying stress-free and feeling empowered can also help optimize your self-healing.

After all that, I will round out the support offerings with a summary of the Angel Raphael Speaks Series that could offer some more support for upliftment and motivation.

This Book Includes:
Compendium Focus
Table of Contents

Cancer Glue For Adults: Love From Kids (Book 1)

Cancer Glue For Adults: Love From Reiki (Book 2)

Cancer Glue For You: Family Energy (Book 3)

Cancer Glue For Miracles: Believing & Preparing & Expecting (Book 4)

Cancer Glue For Possibilities: Dowsing Power (Book 5)

6 - Thank You

7 - About the Angel Raphael Speaks Series

8 - More Cancer Books by Rev. Mike

9 - Books Category Resources

Additional Book Titles
Cancer Glue For Possibilities: Dowsing Power

Cancer Glue For Miracles: Believing & Preparing
& Expecting

Cancer Glue For You: Family Energy

Cancer Glue For Adults: Love From Reiki

Cancer Glue For Adults: Love From Kids

Reiki Help For Cancer Care in Pottstown, PA: Cecilia Appreciates PMMC Cancer Center

Reiki For Cancer

Does Reiki Love Heal Cancer?: Transcribed True Stories Of Spiritual Healing

Veterans Healing Six Pack

1. Trauma Healing Options for VA Hospitals: Help for Veterans to Own Their Healing and their future.

2. Trauma Healing Action Steps for Veterans: Help to Start Healing

3. Trauma Healing Action Steps for Veterans: Empowerment

4. Trauma Healing Action Steps for Veterans: Forgiveness

5. Trauma Healing Action Steps for Veterans: Thought Freedom

6. Tea for Veterans: Welcome One Home

Salute To Philadelphia VA Medical Center: Thank You

Angel Raphael Speaks – Veterans

Four Parts to Healing

Distant Healing: We Are All Connected

Stress Release Energy Work: How To Cope

Group Consciousness: I Asked The Wind to Blow

God Bless Kindle & Amazon: Your Message To The World

The Cage of Fear: Is Not Locked

Non-Profit Support: Sell Your Story To Support Your Mission

Compliance with Dignity: Give & Get Respect

Don’t Worry Ever: It Does Not Help!

Wise Wonderful Women Are the Well Of The Family

Answers to Test & Research: Dowsing Power

Bible References For Healing

The Saint Off Interstate 95
Author bio
“Healing Presents” tab and “Prison Presents” tab at Angel Raphael Speaks (dot) com has free kindle downloads almost daily.

Rev. Mike started his Metaphysical and Ministerial studies with Reiki in 1993 and had studied seven styles of Reiki in the U.S., Japan, Canada, Denmark, and Australia. He is certified to teach. He became certified to teach Integrated Energy Therapy in 1999 and co-taught the first IET class of the new Millennium. Mike began dowsing in 2001.

Ordained as a Metaphysical Minister of the International Metaphysical Ministry and an Interfaith Minister of the Circle of Miracles Ministry, Rev. Mike practices and teaches spiritual energy therapies in the Philadelphia Area.

Rev. Mike holds ministerial degrees from the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona. He is a Pastoral Care Associate of Jefferson - Frankford Hospital. He taught at the National Academy of Massage Therapy and Health Sciences.

Rev. Mike was a faculty member of the Medical Mission Sister’s Center for Human Integration’s School of Integrated Body/Mind Therapies in Fox Chase, Philadelphia, PA for twelve years

Rev. Mike is licensed by the teaching of Intuitional Metaphysics to practice Spiritual Healing and Scientific Prayer. Mike is also a Prayer therapist.

In 2008, Rev. Mike became a practitioner of Coincidental Recognition as he incorporated the CoRe system into his spiritual healing practice. In 2009, Rev. Mike trademarked a new healing process called Quantum Quatro! Subtle Energy System Support®.

In 2011, Rev. Mike joined the outreach program known as the Health Advantage Group.

In 2012. Rev. Mike became a Certified Professional Coach by The Master Coaching Academy and Joined The Personal Empowerment Group

Prior to his Metaphysical, Ministerial and Coaching studies, Rev. Mike worked for Sears Roebuck and Co. while in High School and after graduation, until he joined the U. S. Air Force in 1965. He returned to Sears from Vietnam in 1969 and stayed until 1978. His final Sears assignment was as an efficiency expert in Methods - Operational Research and Development.

He volunteered with Burholme Emergency Medical Services from 1969 and is still a Life Member and Board of Directors Member. He started a private ambulance company in 1975 and worked professionally in the field until 2001 when he devoted his full attention to real estate investing, healing, coaching, and writing. He has written over 100 books that are available on Amazon and Kindle. Amazon Author Page is Reverend Mike Wanner
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Emergency Medical Kindness
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