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Author Name: Debie Monax
Most Recent Book Title: Woman Plans, God Laughs: My Story of Love, Loss, and Learning to Live Life with Faith
Book Description: Debie Monax had her life all planned out. Established in a successful career as a CPA and engaged to a wonderful man, she was confident that she would soon have the family and the career that she desired. But the picture perfect life Debie had planned hit a road block when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and advanced endometriosis . Juggling an invisible disability and enduring fertility treatments, Debie had to rewrite and redefine her definition of faith, success, a perfect family and even of herself.
Location (city/state/country): Littleton, CO, United States
Author bio: Author Debie Monax graduated from the University of Colorado in 1990 with a B.S, in Accounting and worked as a CPA for sixteen years. She has lived with MS since 2000. In her spare time, Debie is active with a women’s investment team. She lives in Colorado and enjoys camping, hiking and spending sunny days in nature with her husband, daughter, and silky terrier Watson.
Professional Speaker Topics: How to Adapt and Adjust and Live Your Life’s Purpose
What to do When the Baby is coming Early
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

“In the end, my life has turned out blessed. Trust me, though, I couldn’t have written it!” Debie Monax

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