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Living the BONES Lifestyle: A Practical Guide to Conquering the Fear of Osteoporosis
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This is more than just a how-to book. It gets straight to the underlying principles of bone health and offers practical solutions in a clear, concise format with detailed illustrations. The perfect balance of playfulness and interesting facts makes this difficult material easy to read and easy to remember. The balance and strength training exercises are clearly described and easy to do. The culmination of 6 years of reviewing, compiling, and applying research, Living The BONES Lifestyle will forever change the way you think about your bones. It's time to conquer the fear and enjoy your life.
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Corvallis, OR USA
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Cindy is an Author and Speaker who focuses on wellness. As an Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist, Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor she has been teaching people about the power of positive movement for over 20 years. Affectionately known as “The Balance Coach,” she focuses on body symmetry and provides balance and gait training, pain management, functional strength training, osteoporosis risk reduction, rehabilitative exercise, posture training and stress management. Her instruction combines principles and exercises from a multitude of movement disciplines including somatics, pilates, yoga, martial arts, sports and dance. She has helped people of all ages and abilities, including those with physical and neurological challenges. Cindy enjoys helping people discover the power of positive movement and is spreading the message that a healthy lifestyle can be stress-free and fun no matter what your circumstances!
Professional Speaker Topics

Cindy will develop workshops or talks for any health and fitness related topic that you need. She has years of experience training and speaking and she is also available to teach other trainers and managers new techniques. Some of her recent talks include:

Living the BONES Lifestyle© Osteoporosis Training to Build Stronger Bones
There are things you can do to manage osteoporosis! Inactivity makes your bones lose strength and become thinner. People who aren’t active are at an increased risk for osteoporosis. Five simple lifestyle changes can set you on the path to stronger bones.
Her talks are based on her book, "Living The BONES Lifestyle: A Practical Guide to Conquering The Fear of Osteoporosis," the culmination of six years of reviewing, compiling and applying the labyrinth of research and information about osteoporosis. Can include movement training if you want.

Tri-Aqua© Aquatic Fitness
In 2000, Cindy developed Tri-Aqua©, an aquatic fitness program that provides stress relief, balance and posture training, pain-management techniques, range of motion and flexibility exercises, breathing techniques and functional strength training. Hundreds of people have benefitted from this training, coming out of class feeling refreshed, pain-free and energized. She will provide the principles behind this type of training and teach your group how they can apply it to their lives as a team, trainer or as an addition to a healthy lifestyle. Includes movement training and hands on activities.

Deal A Life: Balancing The 7 Key Lifestyle Factors©
A health coaching workshop that teaches life balance. This training brings together key research from health psychology, physiology and anatomy, nutrition, social psychology and human resources training. Cindy will present her 7 Key Lifestyle Factors and guide participants through her Deal a Life© program which will help them develop and maintain physical, mental and spiritual balance in their lives so they can live life to the fullest.

Balance Coaching
Balance training is an essential component for any fitness routine and especially important for people with physical challenges because they want to limit and/or prevent falls. A fear of falling is a major reason people adopt a sedentary lifestyle. This defensive response is understandable but it puts you in more peril -- not less -- because a lack of mobility weakens muscles, decreases reflexes and increases the risk of falls. In her balance training program, Cindy teaches how to prevent falls, strengthen the muscles needed for balance and gait and improve communication between the brain and body. This talk includes the exercises from her La-Z-Boy Workout© -- muscle strengthening exercises you can do in your favorite chair.

Pain Management Techniques
Having played competitive sports through college, Cindy's learned first-hand how to manage pain and injuries so she can continue to enjoy her sports and her life and rehabilitate injuries quickly. Through the years, she's worked with other experts in the field, including doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists and psychiatrists to guide on their chronic and rehabilitative pain management. She teaches people how to read their pain and how to stop it before it gets out of control. Cindy will demonstrate techniques for myofascial and muscle release, nerve pain reduction, stress management and deep breathing. She will also discuss alternatives to pharmaceuticals for managing pain.

Teaching a Specialty Fitness Class
Whether you are new to teaching fitness or have been an instructor for years, sooner or later you will have the opportunity to teach a specialty fitness class. A specialty class can be anything from a class designed to improve sports-specific performance, to a class designed for team building, to a class for patients battling multiple sclerosis or arthritis. In this workshop, Cindy teaches trainers how to develop, market and teach a specialty fitness class.
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Because health and fitness should be fun!

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