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Saleshero's Guide To Handling Objections
Book Description
248 Insurance Rebuttals That Closed The Sale - 17 Unique Categories, 224 Results Proven Rebuttals, 7 Sample Closes, 17 Dynamic Rebuttal Questions
Additional Book Titles
The Sidewalk Executive, Leads To Results, Sales Agency Development Quick Start Guide, Seven Step Sales Presentation Workbook: A companion guide to "The Sidewalk Executive".
Location (city/state/country)
Atlanta, Ga, USA
Author bio
Lloyd helps sales organizations increase sales from 15 -40% in as little as 30-90 days by inspiring them to improve and/or replace failed sales “techniques” with sales “finesse” skills to ensure their individual sales force makes an above average annual income resulting in the company selling up to their inherit capacity.

He has found there is a method and a way to doing sales that is unique to each person. He's excited to engage with your next event and re-energize your audience’s approach to sales. With real life experiences and practical steps, every guest will find they are able to perform better until all their goals are met.
Professional Speaker Topics
√ Leadership training - we are what we made of ourselves!
√ Sales presentations - Your goal is to get people who want to do business with you!
√ Handling objections - The same reason people won't buy are the same reasons they will!
√ Getting referrals - You get referrals by understanding behaviors.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

We are what we made of ourselves.

You train what you know, you reproduce who you are!

  • Lloyd listens to understand!

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