Dr. Yvette Williams
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So You Want to Write a Book? A Four-point Guide to Move You from Daydreaming to Getting Started!
Book Description
This ebook, geared toward mid-life career professionals, covers practical, straightforward information about the book writing process. Topics include: 1) articulating your reason for writing a book; 2) deciding whether you or a ghostwriter should write your book; 3) marketing, publishing, and book writing contracts; and; 4) ownership of copyright.
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New Haven, CT
Author bio
Dr. Yvette Williams is the CEO of The Esteemed Scribe, LLC. A graduate of Yale University, Dr. Williams is a former college instructor turned entrepreneur with over ten years of professional writing experience. Her company specializes in copy-editing, proofreading, ghostwriting, blogging, and copy-writing services for doctoral students and professional clients. As advocate of midlife reinvention and self-development, Dr. Williams is passionate about helping mid-career women over 40 write compelling stories about their lives. To this end, Dr. Williams works with clients to express their authentic voices in nonfiction print and ebooks, articles, essays, and online writing courses.
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