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Love Yourself Successful - A Woman's Step-by-Step Guide to Finally Taking Charge of Your Life and Designing the Business of Your Dreams
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Uncover Your Inner Greatness and Design the Business and Life of Your Dreams!

Love Yourself Successful is designed for you, the woman entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur who wants to find the formula for living a happy, love-filled life running a consistent six or seven-figure business. Love Yourself Successful is a step-by-step guide to redesigning your life and your business, so you can have both love and money. It’s not about one or the other; it’s about achieving both for complete and utter success and happiness.

This book will give you easy, how-to strategies to:

• Uncover your true greatness and what is possible for you
• Discover what’s missing in your life and how to change it
• Motivate you to take action towards building the life and business of your dreams

“Pick up this inspiring book and get to work!" – Entrepreneur Mentor Ali Brown, AliBrown.com

“Author and business coach Katrina Sawa helps you to see exactly what’s holding you back, and shows you that freedom, wealth and love are entirely within your grasp…” - Loral Langemeier, author of The Millionaire Maker

“This is a must-read for everyone who wants the freedom to design and manifest their greatest vision.” - Sandra Yancey, CEO and Founder eWomenNetwork.com
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Power and Soul
Entrepreneur Success Stories
Success Rituals 2.0
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Sacramento, CA USA
Author bio
Known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Katrina Sawa is an award-winning international Business Coach, Speaker and CEO of K. Sawa Marketing International Inc. Katrina works with entrepreneurs to create freedom-based, passion-driven, money-making businesses so they can live their happiest life. With 20+ years experience in sales, business and marketing she has been featured on the Oprah and Friends Radio Network, ABC news and TheCW. Visit LoveYourselfSuccessful.com or JumpStartYourMarketing.com for more information.
Professional Speaker Topics
1. Kicking You and Your Business into High Gear and High Profits FAST! This dynamic, upbeat session will help you “get out of your own way” and give your business that jumpstart you need to start making a lot more money without a lot more work. Topics include the 3 types of marketing you need to be doing, how to leverage your time and expertise into ebooks, audios and membership programs. You’ll also learn 3 simple steps to attracting more clients quickly using a proven plan for weekly revenue producing activities. And finally you’ll learn the most important information of all which is how NOT to do this all yourself!

2. Love Yourself Successful - The Missing Link to Complete Happiness in Life and Success in Your Business
Regardless of what type of financial situation you’re in, many entrepreneurs struggle to get clients or market their business effectively because of lack of love in their life….love and support for or by a significant other, love and confidence in yourself or love for life in general. Join Kat in this session and learn why it’s so important to focus more on the 4 types of love, how to transform your life and your business into a smooth-running, moneymaking business. Get inspired to think bigger and go after what you really want all while enjoying less stress, worry and doubt that you can make it happen.

3. Maximize Your Follow Up For Million Dollar Results
ADMIT IT….You have a big stack of business cards sitting on your desk of people you want to follow up with BUT HAVEN’T? 99.9% of most small business owners do. You’re probably missing out on a ton of sales, a few joint venture or referral source opportunities….and who knows, all that LACK of FOLLOW UP could have brought you an extra $1000, $2000 or even $5000 in revenues just this week! Attend this session and be able to implement IMMEDIATELY the easiest, quickest ways to build an effective follow up system including what to say, send and even how to delegate it.

4. 3 Simple Steps to Attract More Clients and Make More Money NOW
How do you continuously attract and find new clients, build the business that excites you and make more money … all at the same time? The biggest mistake small business owners do is you’re trying to do everything yourself yet you’re no where near marketing yourself enough to reach the amount of prospects you need to in order to reach your big goals. Small business owners get distracted with so many ideas and options that you either do nothing or you do too many things at once but none of them very well. This presentation will teach you ONLY what you need to know NOW to start attracting clients and making money in less than a week.

5. Put Your Small Business on Autopilot and Watch Your Profits Skyrocket!
If you’re struggling or stressing out in your business working way too hard then you’ve got to automate, delegate and systematize more in your marketing, your business and often times your LIFE so it can run more on autopilot; that’s the key to six figures and beyond. Yes, you CAN automate much of what you’re doing and still be interacting personally and building quality relationships in order to attract more of the right kinds of ideal prospects. In this content-rich presentation, you will learn all kinds of ways to automate your marketing tasks, sales processes, lead generation systems and you’ll understand also more about which technologies can help you manage your new smooth-running, moneymaking, business machine.
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"Just Do It"

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