Richard Ballo

Richard Ballo
Richard Ballo
Bullets & Babies
In this story of heroism, love, and forgiveness, Janice Riddle handles her teenage pregnancies, spousal abuse, car accidents, beating, and a paralyzing gunshot would from the man she loved. He faith and determination set in and she reinvented her life to live positively and forgave the man that shot her.
Life without Lisa.
A Mouse in the White House
The Heart of Grief Relief Journal
The Unbounded Heart of Grief Relief Journal
Southwest Florida, USA
Richard Ballo, BSJ, MBA, award winning author. Has been a Director of Avow Hospice of Naples, Board Trustee of Seacrest Country Day School, Parent educator with INCAF, father, single dad, speaker.
Dealing with Grief,
Raising Children
the White house
Overcoming obstacle
You aren’t your traumatic event

You can’t start the next chapter of life if you keep re-reading the last one.