Let Me Get My Coffee! Then We'll Talk Business
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Let Me Get My Coffee! Then We'll Talk Business and the Lessons I Learned as an Entrepreneur
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Entrepreneurship is exploding all across the world, but is it for you? You probably know a few people who at least have side hustles or a small business. They’re generally easy to start, but running and growing a business is whole different story!

Let Me Get My Coffee! Then We’ll Talk Business is the self-help/memoir of how Wendy Steele started and grew her latest venture—Blue Print Resumes & Consulting, what she did wrong and what she did right to generate six-figure revenues and stayed in business during the most difficult times.

Key Chapters on:

• Visualizing
• How She Started with Just $500 and Grew to Multiple Locations Around the U.S.
• How She Handled Down Times
• Mistakes Made with Advertising
• Choosing the Right Clients to Work With
• Growing Pains

And More!

Let Me Get My Coffee! Is the first book the my coffee talk series. If you’re a startup or an aspiring business owner, this book will give you an idea of some of the hurdles you may have to face and how to keep pushing through adversity. From the lessons learned, you’ll read how to be profitable and keep the lights on!
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Atlanta, GA U.S.
Author bio
Wendy Denise Steele was born in Toledo, OH in 1968. She is an author, business advocate, career and job search consultant. She is also a certified business and career coach. Wendy began her literary career in 2004 with her first novel, Behind The Screen (under the pen name Stormy Steele). It’s the story of two people who meet through an online dating site.

After launching and operating her business in the career services industry for nearly 14 years, she realized there is still a need to help entrepreneurs who are struggling to grow a profitable business. For this reason, she decided to join the non-fiction genre with Let Me Get My Coffee! Then We’ll Talk Business. She has another self-help book soon to be released titled: Why Your Resume Isn’t Working to assist jobseekers.

She has been featured in Good Housekeeping magazine and on All Business FM radio for her company, presented workshops and served as a keynote speaker at literary events around the U.S., universities, book clubs and for Fortune 100 companies.

Wendy is an avid reader of mystery, thrillers, relationships and family drama books and lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and two kids.
Professional Speaker Topics
How To Grow Your Business and Keep The Lights On.
Getting and Keeping the Right Clients
How To Build a Business Without Following The Crowd
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Instead of thinking of all the reasons you can't think of all the ways you can.

  • Wendy D Steele

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