martin terrell

Author Name: martin terrell
Most Recent Book Title: Without a Compass
Book Description: Memoir of young black man born in 1946 in Cinti, Ohio where the odds of survival are against him. After death of his mother when he was 12, he is forced to live with stepfather in the notorious West End against a backdrop of poverty, drugs and prison. He eventually finds purpose through involvement with the historic civil rights movements of his era. After overcoming bitter setbacks he finds redemption and achieves his dream of college education. Without a Compass shows how frightening, difficult and even ostracizing earning a college degree can be if you live on Gest Street in Cinti or any other street like it anywhere else in the country.
Additional Book Titles: The Social, Political and Economic Contexts of Public Relations
Location (city/state/country): United States
Author bio: Retired, Ass’t Vice President for Advancement Stoney Brook University,New York, Regional Director, Major Gifts, UNCF, New York,
Over twenty years as higher education and non-profit fundraiser. Other institutions, Florida State University, Florida A&M, and Ohio University.
I am retired in Chapel Hill, N.C. with my wife and our pampered dog, named Charlie.
Professional Speaker Topics: Fundraising mostly for nonprofits. I also speak on the migration of blacks from the south to the north during WWI, which was my thesis topic. My thesis has also been used as support for five books and one PBS presentation.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

It ain’t how you open but how you close.