Our Last Six Months: an Illustrated Memoir about Death, Cancer, End-of-life Care, Love, Family, and Forgiveness
Grand prize winning creative nonfiction narrative, 210 pages with 400 b&w cartoon illustrations, tells the true story of caring for a loved one dying of cancer. Fans of this memoir find it is an ice breaker to get people talking about end-of-life choices and their own wishes and beliefs.
In the Lyme-Light: Portraits of Illness and Healing
Bar Harbor, Maine
A lifelong artist and educator with K-college teaching experience, Emily Bracale’s books combine her drawings, paintings, and writing. Her comics are on medium.com/@emilybracale and she currently teaches art & writing workshops for youth & adults. Studied at Interlochen Arts Academy, Amherst College, College of the Atlantic, independently traveled around the world through 18 countries drawing and writing about daily life and culture.
Making your own graphic memoir: tips on writing and illustrating
Lyme disease awareness and patient advocacy