Mina R Raulston

Mina R Raulston
Mina R Raulston
Home Should Be Safe:Hope and Help for Domestic Violence Victims
Home Should Be Safe: Hope and Help for Domestic Violence Victims answers your questions about domestic violence. You will learn what constitutes family violence, the history of family abuse, how to recognize it and the reasons why victims find it so hard to leave. You will discover what help victims need and how organizations and individuals can offer assistance. You will also find a wealth of resources and references that will enhance your knowledge of family violence. The information in this book are invaluable to both victims and those who want to help end family violence.
Columbus, Ohio/United States
Mina R Raulston has been writing for nearly twenty years and has been published in newspapers, magazines, and websites. She writes speeches for EZ Speech, Inc. for weddings, graduations, business meetings, and key note speeches. She writes on a variety of subjects including domestic violence, education, family relationships and community news. She also writes on the subject of writing, has taught writing classes through local Community Centers and is currently working on her new book, “Yes, You Can Self Publish Your Book”. Ms. Raulston is a member of Toastmasters and is President of the Columbus Christian Writers Association.
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