Tim Morgan
Location (city/state/country)
Lewisville /Texas /USA
Author bio
Tim Morgan is an award-winning professional futurist with the North Texas Foresight Institute, and a
member of the Association of Professional Futurists. He has consulted as a professional futurist for
clients such as Kimberly Clark, NASA Langley, Ontario Institute of Cancer Research, and others. Tim’s
futures work has been published in MISC Magazine, and he is currently publishing a futures essay series
as part of the APF Emerging Fellows program for 2019. Tim received his Foresight master’s degree from
the University of Houston, where he still coordinates their Strategic Foresight Certificate Seminar
program. Prior to his work in foresight Tim worked as an I.T. & Engineering professional across several industries including Defense, Supply Chain, Energy, Transportation, and e-Commerce.
Professional Speaker Topics
The Future, Technological Change, Social Change, Strategic Foresight, Organizational Values, Organizational Transformation, Systems Thinking, Futures Thinking
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

If you want to know what the future will be like, go talk to someone who will live there

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