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Answering the Call of Your Creative Warrior
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This is the book for people who want to get more out of life by harnessing the tremendous power of their innate creative ability. This practical field guide provides you with various strategies designed to defeat the self-limiting demons you'll encounter on the road to realizing your big goals in life.

This book is all about success. Your success. You define it. You plan for it. You chase it. It's a solitary pursuit. But it doesn't have to be. You were born with a powerful inner force called your Creative Warrior. It's ready and willing to help you make big things happen in your life. Your job is to connect, listen and learn from it. This book will show you how. Are you up for the challenge? Discover your Creative Warrior and accelerate your progress on your exciting journey to success!
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Secrets of a Creative Warrior
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Pleasantville, NY USA
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Seth B. Greenwald is the owner of the Creative Warrior Group. Seth is a veteran member of the public speaking organization Toastmasters. He has authored two books about how you can harness the immense power of creativity to make big things happen in your life. Seth’s most recent title is Answering the Call of Your Creative Warrior which has recently been published in paperback and e-reader formats. Visit his site for more tips on improving your public speaking skills to get what you want out of life.
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creativity, project management, success, public speaking, self-publishing, writing
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If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.
~Jim Rohn

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