Trina Vaughn-The Vegas Diva

Trina Vaughn-The Vegas Diva
The Diva Chronicles 2, Special Edition
The Diva chronicles 2, special Edition, is a unique compilation of inspirational quotes and poems paired together for a power book.
This collection is meant to attract the curiosity of poetry lovers globally!
The poems in Diva chronicles 2 touch upon issues that everyone can identify with, such as growing pains, motherhood, family, a woman’s worth and more. It is the author’s intentions to inspire and motivate her readers.
The Diva Chronicles Poetry for your soul-MAY2017
The Diva Chronicles 3 Genesis-MAY2019
Motivational/ Inspirational/ Uplifting/ Following your dreams/

“May your mind be quiet and filed with peace, your life anointed by God, your heart filled with love and your world delighted in Joy”-Trina Vaughn- The Vegas Diva