Patrice Williams Marks

Patrice Williams Marks
Author Name: Patrice Williams Marks
Most Recent Book Title: Most Recent Nonfiction: So, You Want to be a Sensitivity Reader?
Book Description: Whether you call them Sensitivity Readers, Diversity Editors or Targeted Beta Readers; their goals are the same: to add authenticity to manuscripts, scripts, marketing materials, gaming storylines which feature marginalized groups… and it’s a booming business in need of trained individuals LIKE YOU.
Additional Book Titles: Hacking Kickstarter Indiegogo Series
Counter Punch
The Abduction of Nelly Don
Montgomery Vale Series
My Life During the OJ Simpson Trial
The Unfinished
Author bio: Patrice Williams Marks is an author, Sensitivity Reader, founder of courses that teach Sensitivity Reading, founder of a non-profit charity, founder of several film festivals with diverse entries from filmmakers and writers. She also has a background in public relations, marketing, and journalism with an emphasis on research.
Professional Speaker Topics: Sensitivity Reading
Creating a nonprofit celebrity-driven event