Karl Weber
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A World of Three Zeroes
Book Description
Co-authored with Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, this book describes the failures of traditional capitalism and describes a new vision of how "social business" can dramatically reduce poverty, solve the problem of unemployment, and protect the environment.
Additional Book Titles
Learning to Lead (co-authored with Ron Williams, Entrepreneurial Leader (co-authored with William H. Donaldson), The Best of I.F. Stone (edited by Karl Weber), more
Location (city/state/country)
Irvington, NY, USA
Author bio
Karl Weber is a writer and editor who specializes in topics from business, politics, current affairs, history, and social issues.

Weber has co-authored three books with Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank and winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, including the New York Times bestseller Creating a World Without Poverty. He has also co-authored two books with sustainability expert Andrew W. Savitz, The Triple Bottom Line and Talent, Transformation, and the Triple Bottom Line; three books with Loews Hotel CEO Jonathan Tisch; and five books with business strategy guru Adrian Slywotzky.

Weber also edited three best-selling books by former President Jimmy Carter, as well as the number one best-seller What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception by former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan. Business books he has edited include Platform Revolution by Geoffrey G. Parker, Marshall W. Van Alstyne, and Sangeet Paul Choudary; The Culture Map by Erin Meyer; and The Pan-Industrial Revolution by Richard D’Aveni (to be published in fall, 2018).
Professional Speaker Topics
The Book in You: In this presentation, illustrated with photos and other images from his work, Weber recounts his career as a “midwife” of great books, and offers advice and insights for anyone who hopes to discover the book in them.

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