Rachel Landry
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Biographies, memoirs, legacy stories, speeches, signature stories, executive bios, personal statements
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Being Bud & Val
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A story of lives well lived, especially together.
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Son of a Sewer Cleaner. The legacy of the Taplin family.

Being Bud & Val: A story of lives well lived, especially together. Bud & Valerie (Watson) Hamilton.

Memories from the Heart - Irene Knapp, well-known Des Moines resident with a legacy of contributions to local sports, non-profits, community resources, and women's organizations.

The Memoirs of Sally Eckerd Sullivan - Member of the prominent Eckerd & O'Herron Families, the founding families of Eckerd Drugs Stores.

Recollections of a Badass - The life accounts of Texas oilman B.M. "Mack" Rankin Jr. (1930-2013) of Freeport-McMoRan.

Hedging Wisely - Rohanna Wise
A non-expert's guide to expertly hedging currency risk in investment.
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Author bio
She was praised by teachers as a talented essayist. She had hundreds of pen pals. She spent hours writing journal entries in the sanctuary of her tree house. But in those days, writing held little promise for a girl from a small Canadian fishing village.

Besides, Rachel Landry had other dreams. She went to Toronto in 1990, intent on success in film production, and accumulated an extensive list of Script Supervisor credits.

She often attracted assignments requiring a significant amount of writing prowess. In 2007, with the web now offering a limitless market, she decided to cut the cord and take her talent to the market. She has since been the author of short bios and profiles for hundreds of executives, artists and musicians, politicians, professional athletes, and celebrities.

In 2012, an email from B. M. (Mack) Rankin Jr. graced her inbox, representing her first full-length biography assignment. She embraced this exciting opportunity, forever grateful for Mr. Rankin’s unwavering confidence in her. Rachel has since completed the memoirs of several intriguing subjects, as well as business products on leadership, investing, and career success.

She continues to welcome inquiries from around the world and cherishes her gift of being able to help fascinating people tell their stories.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

There's no such thing as writer's block. When I make a commitment to a client, I deliver.


  1. John Patterson

    Hi Rachel,

    I’ve been looking to speak to a writer on the subject of becoming professional speech writer. I came across you here and was intrigued by your bio, specifically the part about writing many short bios for people. I assume there is room where you can use your creative writing talents towards that goal, and not have it be just a laundry list of a particular persons accomplishments. Very Interesting.

  2. Rachel Landry

    Hi John,
    Thank you for the note and compliment. Yes, it’s nice to bring character to short bios; reveal the person behind the accomplishments, rather than just rehash their resume in paragraph form. I like to convey not only what someone is good at, but what it is about him that makes him good at it. You will find a few examples of such on my website, as well as some speech work.


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