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Looking for Revolution, Finding Murder: The Crimes & Transformation of Katherine Ann Power (Paragon Fall 2019)
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Katherine Power’s story has all the drama of a true-crime book. This is not a true-crime book. It is a biography of a conscience. It traces an evolution from good Catholic girl, to idealistic antiwar activist, to gun-toting revolutionary, to unwitting accomplice to murder, to longtime fugitive, to voluntary but defiant prisoner, to woman transformed in the autumn of her life.
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Regret: The Persistence of the Possible (Oxford 1993)
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northern California
Author bio
JANET LANDMAN, Ph.D., is a research psychologist, writer, and award-winning poet. She has taught psychology at the University of Michigan, Babson College, and Boston University. A recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, Landman is author of many empirical journal articles and the nonfiction book, Regret: The Persistence of the Possible. Regret was named a Book of the Year by The Independent and by the Princeton Theological Seminary and the Association of Theological Booksellers. She now makes her home in northern California.
Professional Speaker Topics
Transforming "Negative" Emotions
How Domestic Terrorists Self-Radicalize
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Writing is a way of arguing with ourselves, a way of keeping ourselves honest by discovering precisely what we believe
and finding out whether we are justified in believing it.
---Jim Raymond, co-founder of The New York Times

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