Taking time to smell the roses after a mortar attack in Iraq
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BAGHDADDY, How Saddam Hussein Taught Me To Be A Better Father
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Baghdaddy is Lt. Col. Bill Riley's honest and colorful depiction of his journey through a turbulent youth and into a challenging adulthood. His account offers a view of spies at rest and his journey home from a traumatizing war. Imbued with humanity, it provides staggering and rarely-seen insight into the U.S.'s stationing in the Middle East during the reign of Saddam Hussein
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Bill Riley began his career as an intelligence analyst in the mid-80’s, during the tail-end of the Cold War. Since then, he’s specialized in strategy and communications and worked with intelligence and special operations professionals from every service, virtually every intelligence agency, and several friendly foreign governments during surveillance, combat, and combat support operations.

Bill led the Air Force’s largest Network Operations and Security Center. He is a veteran of multiple combat operations in the Middle East, and he was hand-picked to serve as the first U. S. Electronic Warfare Officer for Task Force operations in Iraq.
Bill retired as a Lieutenant Colonel, and he was the first Cyberspace Operations officer awarded the Air Force Combat Action Medal.
Professional Speaker Topics
Writing a nonfiction book, Operating in Iraq after 9/11, the challenges and opportunities of surviving a dysfunctional youth.
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"There's nothing that can't be made harder."

  • Bill Riley

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