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Motion For Justice: I Rest My Case
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Brian Vukadinovich’s book “MOTION FOR JUSTICE: I Rest My Case” shares a comprehensive view of the government and judicial decay that puts citizens at risk of depravity.

Short Description Recent release “MOTION FOR JUSTICE: I Rest My Case” from Page Publishing author Brian Vukadinovich is an in-depth book that reveals the corruption behind government agencies that threaten to destabilize the justice system.

Long Description Brian Vukadinovich, a retired teacher and author, has completed his new book “MOTION FOR JUSTICE: I Rest My Case”: a gripping true story about the author’s personal fight for justice and fairness in work and labor and against police corruption.

Author Brian Vukadinovich conveys a resounding sentiment of equality that reflects the desire of every individual: Rich in information, Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case shares Brian Vukadinovich’s experiences and intimate knowledge of governmental and judicial corruption and what went on behind the scenes in Indiana for years in efforts to take away his freedom and livelihood as a teacher. Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case, in a straightforward, no-holds-barred style, will open your eyes to government and judicial corruption that you have never before heard or seen the likes of. Brian Vukadinovich minces no words when he writes about his journey for justice, calling out high-level state and federal officials, including state and federal judges, for undermining his efforts in exposing government corruption. Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case will show how law enforcement agencies in Indiana conspired to take his freedom away from him by falsely arresting and vindictively prosecuting him on numerous occasions and how Brian Vukadinovich successfully took on the corrupt police in many of the cases representing himself and successfully arguing for dismissal of the bogus charges. In Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case, you will read how John Bolton, as assistant attorney general of the U.S. Department of Justice at the time, and current national security adviser to President
Trump, turned a blind eye to significant evidence of police-corruption activities against Brian Vukadinovich. Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case will show how numerous lawyers teamed up in efforts to have Brian Vukadinovich fired from teaching jobs and how he took on the corrupt lawyers and won two federal lawsuits, including a five-day jury trial in March 2016, when he represented himself and convinced a federal jury that the corporation violated his due process rights and awarded him damages of $203,840.39. The case received substantial national attention. In commenting on Brian Vukadinovich’s successful self-representation abilities in beating a team of corporation lawyers when he won a federal jury trial by representing himself against his former public school corporation employer for violating his due process rights, distinguished attorney Robert Shapiro, member of the “Dream Team” in the O.J. Simpson trial, in congratulating Brian Vukadinovich on his federal court victory said “Brian congratulations on your victory, you have gone against the age old saying an attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client.” Scott Turow, acclaimed author of “Presumed Innocent” has said “It’s easy to see how this story could become a film”.

In writing the powerful foreword to Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case, Richard A. Posner, retired longtime distinguished judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, called Brian Vukadinovich “A wonderful American success story” calling him “determined, indomitable, fearless, and daring”.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Brian Vukadinovich’s eye-opening tale proclaims the need to attain true justice that must encompass all citizens, regardless of their societal status.

Readers who wish to experience this defining work can purchase “MOTION FOR JUSTICE: I Rest My Case” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.
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Wheatfield, Indiana USA
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Brian Vukadinovich is a retired teacher and basketball coach in Indiana. He has successfully represented himself in state and federal court proceedings in Indiana and won a federal jury verdict against his former public school corporation employer in Indiana in March 2016 for violating his due process rights in a five day trial where he successfully represented himself against the corporation's team of lawyers. He has received national acclaim for his self-representation ability. Brian Vukadinovich is very passionate about social justice issues and the federal judiciary's indifference to pro se litigants. On August 25, 2017 the Washington Examiner published an op-ed by Brian Vukadinovich titled "Courts and Congress must protect the rights of pro se plaintiffs". Brian Vukadinovich has been a featured guest on the television program Pro Se Nation based in Princeton, New Jersey. Brian Vukadinovich works for retired court of appeal judge Richard A. Posner as executive director of The Posner Center of Justice for Pro Se's based in Chicago, Illinois.
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Civil rights topics with particular emphasis on First Amendment, Equal Protection of the Law and criminal and civil Due Process. Also expert on pro se represention, i.e., representing oneself in court without a lawyer.
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the pen is mightier than the sword

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  1. Norine Cave

    Dear Mr.Vukadinovich,
    I have reviewed your story and felt compelled to contact you. I have been fighting the controlled barriers set up against pro se litigants now for over five years, that initially started as a medical malpractice case. My initial lawyers abandoned the case and consequently I continued the fight through pain, suffering and anguish. Recently the Georgia Supreme Court denied my writ of certiori and I filed a motion of consideration, which was denied; in turn that Court immediately issued an affirmance back to the trial court. As you may already know, in med/mal cases, it is rather difficult to secure a plaintiff/ expert witness. Here, throughout litigation, I secured four unchallenged affiants and was not allowed to obtain the opinion or affidavit of the defense’s sole and alleged expert witness. I filed a Daubert motion in limine before the start of trial and the trial court ignored Rule 26, 702, etc. The defense obtained a directed verdict on the evening of the first day of trial, because the court would not recess the case to allow the legally required testimony of my expert witness traveling from Connecticut. It brings into question whether or not there has ever been a medical malpractice case in Georgia, where a party was not allowed to have the opinion/ affidavit of its opponent’s expert witness? I highly doubt it. There were four questions in the appellate court for review and the appeals court reasoned partial facts of the case and made its rulings based on that. I was not unfamiliar with this type of drafting, whereas I filed a separate and related complaint/ case against the insurance carrier associated with the case, because it unlawfully withheld my medical records and improperly disbursed the benefits for fraud. The federal courts made the same type ruling/opinion in that case as well; that went to the United States Supreme Court. I am at a critical point in my fight and could really use your help and /or advice. There were clear violations of my due process rights that have been repeatedly glossed over. I suffer daily from the medically unnecessary treatment that has resulted in a left displaced articular disk/TMD. Yet, I have no choice but to push the pain aside and fight for justice. The med/mal case has transformed into a due process case that is supposed to be protected under the Fourteenth Amendment! ; to somehow include pro se litigants…right?
    Thanks for your consideration to help or advise in this matter. The Georgia Supreme Court ‘s transmission of the remittitur was done in 6 days where it is normally done on the 10th day. There was a push/ rush to end my case but it did not end my determination. Thanks again.


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