Sue L Canfield
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Succeed As a Chief Virtual Officer: Setting Up a Successful Virtual Assistant Business
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What is a Chief Virtual Officer? My philosophy revolves around the idea that you, the virtual assistant, are now a business owner. However, I've found that often business owners, and even virtual assistants themselves, view a virtual assistant (VA) as little more than another employee. This view can make it challenging to convey the true value a virtual assistant can provide a business owner. It also makes it challenging for the VA to present their business in the best professional setting. That's why I decided to call the VAs I coach Chief Virtual Officers. After all, you are the chief officer of your business. This title more accurately reflects the VA's position as a business owner.
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The Commonsense Virtual Assistant: Becoming an Entrepreneur, Not an Employee
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Queen Creek, AZ
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Sue specializes in social media book marketing and consultation for nonfiction authors. Since 2006 she has helped dozens of authors create and maintain their social media presence. She writes about using social media to help promote your book at her blog. You can connect with Sue on Twitter and Facebook. She's also a published nonfiction author since 2009 and understands what it takes to market and promote a nonfiction book.
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Social Media Marketing for Nonfiction Authors
  • Succeed as a Chief Virtual Officer

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