Rob Severson

Rob Severson
Rob Severson
ACHIEVERS. Ordinary people who do extraordinary things
Book has 27 stories of real people. Nor famous but they are Achievers. Purpose is to inspire young people that they can do something with their lives too. Plan is to develop a study guide for school. I have lots of diversity in book so all can relate to someone
Deephaven Minnesota
I have over 40 years experience in most areas of small business most recently as a financing coach consulting with owners to get financing. I wrote “Connecting Peace, Purpose & Prosperity 5 years ago which is a memoir in which I show a path to being happy.
I volunteer in city schools where I got the idea for my new book as I learned the students liked to learn about others. Not just famous folks, folks that they can relate to better
How to get and keep a job
Financing for business and individuals

“most people are about as happy as they decide to be”. A Lincoln

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