Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem M.Ed.
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Questing Home: A Safe Place For My Holy Grail, Personal Growth Through Travel
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Life skills are woven through this compelling story of deceit, love, grief, parenting, divorce, travel and ultimately recovery.

Learn how legal bullying through the process of divorce by lawyers, judges and the legal system severely impact Marilyn's life.

Parenting issues through emotional turmoil are addressed.

Financial and psychological abuse are common issues in abusive divorce.

Discover how inner strengths and new relationships help Marilyn confront her weaknesses as she struggles to rebuild her life as a single woman.

Travel experiences continue to be a vital source of refuge, healing and personal growth as Marilyn overcomes the evil obstacles placed in her path.

Read Questing Home to share Marilyn's triumphs!

You will learn;

* One person cannot maintain a marriage or create an amicable divorce.

* How legal bullies achieve their desired results and ways to cope.

* What to expect in the legal battle for spousal and child custody and support.

* Dating considerations after the ending of a long term marriage.

* Rules about sexual activity as a single parent with children in the home.

* Life skills to set new goals and reinvent life at midlife.
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Questing Marilyn: In Search Of My Holy Grail, Personal Growth Through Travel
Questing France: Deepening The Search For My Holy Grail, Personal Growth Through Travel,
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Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Author bio
I want to live in a world where people work together in harmony with honesty and integrity being valued and where cheaters are held accountable.

As an experienced consultant, I have helped clients improve their personal and professional relationships for over 35 years. I consult on business relationships, often to families in business. My Bachelor’s Degree is in Psychology and my Master’s Degree is in Adult Education and Counselling Psychology, both from the University of Toronto. My private practice is in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Marilyn Belleghem Consulting Inc. (1978)

Frequently quoted in the press and as a guest on radio and television, my ideas stimulate thoughts and discussion. My appearances have included local, national and international media.

As a speaker and the author of nonfiction books and eBooks on Personal Growth Through Travel I incorporate life skills into readable stories of relationships and travel adventures. Using the symbol of the Holy Grail as the essence of the Self, my stories of self-discovery and travel adventures include personal details about my life.

My books are very personal. They are not trivial accounts. I share how I explore the depths of my struggle to cope with true life events in ways that demonstrate how life skills can be used to survive in some very challenging circumstances. My stories are relevant to the larger conversations about relationships and personal growth.

Questing; Marilyn: In Search Of My Holy Grail, asks; who could I be when I am free to be me, away from my roles and responsibilities?

Questing France: Deepening The Search For My Holy Grail, asks; can I hold on to me when I am with you?

Questing Home: A Safe Place For My Holy Grail, asks; how can I find me without you?

My presentations and books are personal because life IS personal.

When I am not in my professional capacity I can be found working in my garden, exploring new parts of my neighbourhood, often on my bicycle, discovering new areas of the world, or enjoying the company of her friends and family.

I am enthusiastically working on marketing my books, looking forward to the release of Questing Confidence: Managing My Holy Grail and enjoying the feedback from readers and audience attendees.
Professional Speaker Topics
Participants will learn how to improve their personal and professional relationships with practical easy to apply life and communication skills. Clear examples are always used with stories explaining ways to create functional results.

Coping With Bullying

Personal Growth Through Travel

Midlife Crisis Midlife Growth

Create A Legacy By Writing Your Story

Recovering From Divorce

Creating Responsible Relationships

Assertive Communication

Creating The Life You Desire

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Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Living is about learning, it is a lifelong quest.

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