Jan and Anthony Howse
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"God Does No Wrong"
Book Description
A decade ago, the narrative of this story was a beautiful true story of a young boy who loved his Family, his God, his Church, and Eddy Arnold. It remains on the Index page of the Eddy Arnold site today. Now, this narrative has grown into a book with over three hundred pages. Many of these chapters were written over a period of years. You'll find this book to be a "Mom & Apple Pie" type . . . full of love and happiness and American families.
When reading this book you will experience romance, marriage, birth, death, happiness, sadness, health, sickness and always the love and power of the Almighty!
Although you will shed, a tear or two while engaged with the real people in their sadness it will fade as the overall theme of the book will make you happy.
This book is a MUST READ for Eddy Arnold fans and all who enjoy reading just a plain GOOD BOOK!
Additional Book Titles
"God Does No Wrong" is the first book Jan, with the help of her husband Anthony has written. Being a way for Jan to help vent herself she began writing poetry. Jan's writing abilities developed while writing poems for dear friends who have lost loved ones. Recalling the poem written for the two children of her friend Tony, a police officer killed in the line of duty. The poem was read to the thousands who came to say goodbye to Tony. Jan's poem was published in all the Florida Newspapers, the Police Gazettes', and the Detective Magazines.
In 1996, Jan became the recipient of the "Poetry of the Year" award for writing and entering one of her full-length poems, "My Memories". The poem was published in "The National Library of Poetry, the book title was "Morning Song".
"God Does No Wrong" will be released for all to read in mid June, 2014.

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