Lindsay Collier
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Organizational Mental Floss; How to Squeeze Your Organaztion's Thinking Juices
Book Description
Organizational Mental Floss is all about creativity, innovation, and breakthrough change in organizations and in your life. Written by someone who has been at the leading edge for many years and is known for his unique aspects on how organizations can achieve futures they never thought possible. It is a virtual candy store of ideas and techniques for managers, change agents, facilitators - anyone interested in change. And it's fun to read! How many business books can make that claim?
Additional Book Titles
Organizational Braindroppings; Musing on Organizational Change
Quotations to Tickle Your Brain
How to Live Happily Ever After
Surviving the Loss of Your Loved One; Jan's Rainbow
Jan's rainbow: Stories of hope
Get Out of Your thinking Box
The Whack-A-Mole theory
Location (city/state/country)
The Villages, Fl
Author bio
Lindsay was the Technology Leader for Creativity, Innovation, and Strategic Exploration for Eastman Kodak for many years (in their good times). He took an early retirement to begin a career of writing, consulting, and speaking and has worked with dozens of organizations to help them think differently about what is possible. During his career he has trained hundreds in the techniques of creative thinking and innovation.
Professional Speaker Topics
Here are some of his keynote topics:

Creativity, Innovation and Breakthrough in Your Work and Life

This is spot on for organizations and teams that need to break out of their normal thinking modes and do things they thought were impossible. You will leave with dozens of new ideas that will have the potential of creating exciting changes in your work and your life.

Humor in the Workplace

Humor is a powerful resource to help you establish healthy and productive workplaces. Lindsay is known for some very creative pioneering work in this area and this session will leave you with lots of ideas on how to tap humor and laugh yourself all the way to the bank.

How to Live Happily Ever After

This session is especially for mature folks that are interested in living forever. As a matter of fact it comes with an exclusive money back guarantee. If this doesn’t result in your living forever your money is cheerfully refunded. Highly entertaining and full of ideas on things you can do to make your life more exciting, more fun, and longer.

How to Deal with Loss of a Loved One

Lindsay’s loss of his wife of 40 years to cancer resulted in the popular book, Jan’s Rainbow; Stories of Hope; How Those You Have Loved and Lost Stay in Touch With You. His stories (and those of others who contributed to the book) are truly amazing and this session focuses on how to creatively deal with the loss of a loved one.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

I wouldn't know where to begin to find my favorite. I wrote a Kindle book, Quotations to Tickle Your Brain that has all my favorites. Buy it from Amazon for $.99 - you'll love it!

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