Melissa Timberman
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East Meets West: Bridging the Gap Between The Wisdom of the Ancients, And How Science Says Your Body Works (Working Title)
Book Description
East Meets West explores all the myriad connections between Western science and Eastern medicine, and examines those connections with the elegance and grace that such topics deserve.

What Is Qi? Most books will define it as "life energy", which is a singularly unhelpful answer to the average Westerner. East Meets West explores topics like qi and its relationship to electromagnetic energy with just as much enthusiasm as it does the ancient history of Western logic or Chinese herbalism.

We bridge the gap between the unfamiliar world of Chinese medicine and the practicality of Western science for you, and we teach you how to use your newfound knowledge to make better health care decisions for you and your family.
Location (city/state/country)
Westminster, Colorado
Author bio
Melissa Timberman has been working in the alternative medicine field for over twelve years. She is a thorough expert in kinesiology and fascia. In working closely with acupuncturists and Chinese Medicine professionals throughout her career to benefit patients with both chronic and acute medical or pain conditions, she has synthesized a way to explain complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to possibly-skeptical Americans that makes sense; energizes people to explore all their alternatives; is accurate; and supports the appropriate use of Eastern medicine, Western medicine, and alternative therapies.
Melissa has a dual bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and non-Western history. Her education in Chinese history, combined with her initial and continuing education in alternative medicines, has afforded her a unique perspective on the relationship between Chinese history, Chinese Medicine, and Western medicine.
Professional Speaker Topics
I speak on alternative medicine topics such as stress management, exercise, Chinese Medicine, massage therapy, and more.

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