Cindy Young

Cindy Young
Author Name: Cindy Young
Most Recent Book Title: Isabella USA
Book Description: A story about a Super Bee. She is a spy and a Doctor. The Queen. There is a parade in New York City and the Sugar Ants are the Queens. They visit with there daughters ( honey flowers) there super heroes who fight the bad guys who steal pearls…. Anyway Isabella lives at the Catholic Church she is deaf.
Additional Book Titles: To: Russia, with Love Cindy
Website #1: Cyndis Paper
Website #2: Best Friend
Twitter: Cindy Young
Location (city/state/country): Harrisburg Virginia USA
Author bio: I’m a old woman who is by myself. People don’t like me. I am not good enough or rich . I try my best. I am 44 skitzophrenic that’s not a good enough excuse for anyone to be nice to me or ” cut me some slack” so what.
Professional Speaker Topics: Drugs / Alcohol / love / mental illness
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Good For You