Sandy Macfarlane
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Swirling Currents: Controversy, Compromise and Dynamic Coastal Change
Book Description
Sharks chasing seals chasing fish, whales close to demise, fisheries reeling, Gulf Stream slowing down - issues constantly in the news. Swirling Currents tells the story behind the headlines in an engaging mix of personal stories and scientific investigations that entertains as well as informs. The topics place the historical challenges and social pressures of managing coastal environments with the needs of an uncertain future as climate change looms above all with potentially grave global consequences.
Additional Book Titles
Rowing Forward, Looking Back
Tiggie: The Lure and Lore of Commercial Fishing in New England
Location (city/state/country)
Duxbury, MA
Author bio
Sandy Macfarlane's curiosity about all things marine, continues to enchant after a lifetime lived by the sea. Aided by over forty years of hands-on experience in resource evaluation, policy and management and decades of rowing a fixed-seat skiff, she learned about the biological and physical world around her. In the process, she also gained insight into the social, political and economic landscape of coastal communities. She is past-president of the New England Estuarine Research Society, a member of numerous professional societies and community outreach organizations. Swirling Currents is her third book.
Professional Speaker Topics
Coastal marine issues

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