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Beyond Product: How Exceptional Founders Embrace Marketing to Create and Capture Value for Their Business
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Beyond Product is a practical approachable startup marketing book for non-marketers.

The #1 reason startups fail is the inability to find and reach a market. This isn’t surprising since most founders lack marketing expertise. Beyond Product includes interviews with more than 50 startup veterans and provides a roadmap to help founders leverage marketing to build their ideas into successful businesses. It steps founders through each stage of growth and helps them overcome common obstacles.

Beyond Product is jargon-free. No fluff. Just straight-up actionable advice, interspersed with relatable stories from people who’ve lived it. More info at http://bit.ly/BeyondProductBook.
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San Francisco, CA
Author bio
Jill Soley is a Silicon Valley-based strategic product and marketing executive. She learned how to teach others to soar as a hang gliding instructor in North Carolina. Since then, she has launched and grown innovative new products at Adobe, Freshworks, and Siebel and advised and consulted to many startups. Passionate about how teams work together as well as their results, Jill currently leads Product Management and Product Marketing at Cloverpop, a venture-backed technology startup that helps companies drive business outcomes through improving their decision practices. Jill holds a BS and MBA from MIT and is working hard with her husband to raise two young men who take smarter risks than hang gliding.
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Startup marketing and product management
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