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Lessons from the Apostles: How God Uses All Types of People to Change the World
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We often think of the apostles as spiritual giants—men who were uniquely qualified to walk with Jesus and carry on His mission to the world. But the reality is they stand out more for their lack of qualifications. They were not trained religious scholars; they often misunderstood what Jesus told them; and sometimes they simply failed to live up to Jesus’s expectations.

Not only did they lack qualifications, but they also encountered many of the same fears and issues we experience. They struggled with doubts, cowardice, ambition, faithlessness, pessimism, greed. In other words, the apostles were people just like us.

Yet, Jesus chose them to change the world. And they did.

Lessons from the Apostles describes the struggles and personalities of these ordinary men, reveals the transformation Jesus made in their lives, and identifies specific lessons you can apply in your own life. You will also find brief accounts of the stories and legends regarding what happened to the apostles after the Bible.

As you read about each of these men, you will likely recognize your own personality in one or more of them. And you will find encouragement from knowing that you too are the type of person God can use to change the world.
Additional Book Titles
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Author bio
Glen Blanscet is an award-winning author and speaker. He received his masters of divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas and served as the executive pastor in multiple churches. He is an adjunct professor in biblical studies at Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, Texas, and he continues to serve in his home church, teaching various Bible studies and Bible courses.

Prior to entering the ministry, Glen was a corporate attorney and the general counsel for a major corporation. He is also actively involved in his community, having served two terms as an elected member of the City Council in Carrollton, Texas.

Glen and Becky have been married since 1979 and have two grown children: Jenna and Mark. Jenna and her husband, Blake, are Christian concert artists ( whose ministry extends worldwide. Mark is a data analyst manager for RealPage, Inc. and is married to Meagan. They have three children: Kaden, Luke, and Mia.
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Bible Teaching and Supply Preaching
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