Sheala Vast-Binder
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10 Things You Need to Know: A Practical Guide for Internationals Moving to the U.S.
Book Description
Moving to a new country is one of the hardest things you can do. Learning another language. Connecting to a new community. Adapting to an unfamiliar culture. These adjustments take years, but this practical guide provides information that will make your move easier. All ten themes are inspired by the author’s personal experiences and those of her many International friends. Welcome to the U.S.A.!
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Saint Louis/MO/USA
Author bio
Sheala has an M.A. in Religion with a concentration in World Religions. Over the years, she has worked as a college campus minister, Christian writer and editor, grant researcher and writer, media specialist, social services program coordinator, and non-profit director.

Currently, Sheala is the director of St. Louis (STL) Global Friends, a program of iFACE Ministries. Our mission is to support International friendship and cross-cultural exchange.

Sheala’s passion is to build bridges between people of different cultures, meet the practical needs of Internationals, and explore issues of faith and life in community with others.

Sheala enjoys reading, traveling, and relaxing with her family and friends. She lives in St Louis with her husband and son.
Professional Speaker Topics
Cross-cultural relations; world religions
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Educate. Connect. Inspire.

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