Ann B. Wilds

Ann B. Wilds
Author Name: Ann B. Wilds
Most Recent Book Title: Hope From the Pit: Devotions from the Life of Joseph
Book Description: You don’t have to have been assaulted by your siblings, sold into slavery, or thrown into prison for a crime you didn’t commit in order to carry emotional wounds. Each of us wears the marks of the hands of those around us. In a fallen world it is inevitable that some of them will leave scars. Join author Ann B. Wilds as she explores the biblical life of Joseph and shows us how we, too, can find hope in the pit, shake off our chains, and thrive.
Additional Book Titles: Lessons for the Journey
Location (city/state/country): Texas
Author bio: I’m an author, corporate process consultant, degreed counselor, and life coach who shares the joy of a life found in Christ with the world. My vocation is to help people rekindle their passion, discover their purpose, and fulfill their potential. But my mission is to encourage and strengthen genuine faith and emotional wellness in your daily life.
Professional Speaker Topics: Lessons from the Seed- An exploration of how God uses trials to help us grow into something beautiful.

Reset Your Factory Default- Explores the impact of attitude in our relationships, our lives and our faith.

Don’t Lose Your Marbles- Covers nine practical Christian stress management tips for keeping sane in the midst of life’s insanity.

What’s in Your Toolbox?- Teaches five tools for decreasing conflict in relationships.

The Battle of Becoming- An exploration of practical and Biblical principles to help guide couples into becoming one