Beth Brand
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The Real Dope On Dealing with An Addict
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THE REAL DOPE ON DEALING WITH AN ADDICT is a how-to, survival guide for anyone with an addict/alcoholic in their life—and that's a lot of us. Authors and sisters, Beth Brand and Meridith Powell, have lived through six addictions in their immediate family. In this book, they share the practical, insider advice that—until now—could only be gained by living through the roller coaster that is the active addict.
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Community Action At Work
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Saluda, NC
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I do write books of my own. But I am primarily a ghostwriter, specializing in business books. With thirty years as a professional writer, I remain fascinated by what fascinates others. I love nothing more than to meet a person who is in love with what they do, their product or service, their new technology, or their new strategy. And I can't wait to help them put what they know onto the page where it can help others and allow both reader and author to reach new heights.
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The Family's Role in Addiction Recovery

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