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A to Z Bible Guide on Life
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Everywhere you look people are either angry, depressed or have no hope. There is so much hatred and violence that some would rather give up than turning to the one source that can provide them with peace of mind and relief. That is The Bible.

From A to Z this book reminds and provides us with some practical guidelines and scriptures as to what we need to do to defeat Satan.

When you learn to live by God's Word rather than Satan's Lies things will open up and your life will change. You will have peace.
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What My Heart Desires
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Phoenix, AZ
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My name is Ann Hampton. I am a Child of God, Wife, Mother and Grandmother.
I never thought of myself as a writer but as far as I could remember I love to give my family and friends homemade cards with poems about the occasion.
Growing up in a neighborhood of all boys, most of them wanted to be singers. I became well known for writing lyrics. The groups would come and ask me to write something for them and they paid me a whopping $25.00 to $50.00 to do so. I was more than happy to oblige them thinking in the back of my head they are crazy to pay me that kind of money to write some lyrics. This was in the sixties. I did not know anything about copywriting at the time. We were more interested in surviving.

As I grew older, I was always dreaming stories and could vividly recall every detail. I would relay the stories to family and friends who would say, “write it down or keep a tape recorder by your bed so you an refer back to it”.

I think about that now as I see that other people had the same idea and they made movies out of them. I became discouraged and stopped writing.

After a long career in the corporate world and on the advice of my husband Robert, I decided to step out on faith and begin a professional writing career. Also, I was encouraged by my son Julian who has written close to 8 books.

My first officially published book, Desires of the Heart shows you what can happen when you look for love in the wrong places.

I wrote A to Z Bible Guide on Life to let people know that they need not be depressed, angry or lonely because there is a Friend and Father, who loves them unconditionally.

Ann M. Hampton, Author

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