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If death were to be considered just a part of the life process (because we don't come with an expiration date), then healthy planning discussions would become lifelong. People say they want to discuss their plans, goals, and wishes, but the conversation rarely happens before it is virtually too late. Planning for a purposeful life leads to a longer happier life. Adjustments in life's plans should be gradual instead of when some externally motivate forces says "time to plan". No wonder ageism is alive and well. Our youth-obsessed "anti-aging" culture acts as if age is something to avoid - good luck with that!
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Austin, TX, USA
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Three parents that Debbie had responsibility for all died in 2017. This lasted for ten years - long distance from NY to Florida to her home of Austin, TX. None of them were willing to talk about their goals, wishes, plans, and hopes for their ending years of life. Her career had been as a public school administrator from superintendent to teacher. She led a year-long study for a major manufacturer on the potential for creating a cradle to grade learning center on worksites to integrate childcare, work training, and senior care. she has completed a draft of a self-help memoir book that aligns humorous anecdotes with facts and supplies related resources. Now she is growing her platform so as to submit the book for publishing.
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Death as part of life, Planning, Everyone is going to die!, Why is death a taboo subject?, Finding the care we need in all walks of life
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