Kristine E Shields

Kristine E Shields
Author Name: Kristine E Shields
Most Recent Book Title: Pregnancy and the Pharmaceutical Industry: The Movement Towards Evidence-Based Pharmacotherapy for Pregnant Women
Book Description: FDA now recommends including pregnant women in drug trials when there are no effective alternative therapies. This book adds the pharmaceutical industry voice to the discussions about this controversial issue and identifies potential pathways to ensure safe and effective treatment for pregnant women in need.
Location (city/state/country): Bucks County, PA
Author bio: Kristine Shields is the author of Pregnancy and the Pharmaceutical Industry: The Movement toward Evidence-Based Pharmacotherapy for Pregnant Women (Elsevier, 2019). She is an OB/GYN nurse practitioner with a doctorate in public health – these fields reflect her passion and inform her writing. As a clinician, she provided comprehensive inpatient and ambulatory care in obstetrics and gynecology. As an epidemiologist she was responsible for one of the earliest Pregnancy Registry programs within the pharmaceutical industry. As a researcher and writer, she has published papers in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Birth Defects Research and other medical journals. Dr. Shields is most widely known for her research into medication safety during pregnancy. She has participated in volunteer activities in India and Nicaragua and has blogged about women’s health issues for BabyMed, Pregistry, and Ms. Magazine. She lives mostly in the beautiful Bucks County woods of Pennsylvania but sometimes can’t resist the low country of South Carolina. Learn more about her at
Professional Speaker Topics: Pharma topic examples: Pharmacovigilance is Public Health; Women and Drug Safety, Inclusion of Pregnant Women in Clinical Studies
Engaging and instructing varied audiences using off-beat tactics that deliver
Academic topic examples: Dissertations: Tools for Career Success, Calamity: History of pharma and public health, The Silent Epidemic on its Way to You: STDs
Workshop topic examples: Ethics of research with pregnant women; Write what you know: Researching and writing non-fiction, Careers for nurses: Nursing outside the box
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