Dr. Toscha L Dickerson

Dr. Toscha L Dickerson
Author Name: Dr. Toscha L Dickerson
Most Recent Book Title: Sisterhood: Traveling the scarlet road to an authentic life
Book Description: In this mesmerizing read, Dr. Toscha gives step by step instructions on how to transform your life and find your authentic self. These instructions are followed by personal stories that includes her closest friends and their walk together in overcoming distress
Location (city/state/country): Houston
Author bio: Dr. Toscha L. Dickerson has been in the field of strategy and supply chain management for 20 years. She is also a International Best Selling Author of Non-Profits Strategies for Effective Management. Her experiences include consulting, project management, leadership, and business services. She believes that the key to a successful life is to have faith and to never stop learning.

She has obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems and a Master’s degree in Public Administration. She holds her Doctorate degree in Business Administration.

Dr. Dickerson has been blessed with meeting courageous women who have experienced some sort of trauma in their lives that has caused tremendous amount of distress. She helps them by working to find the root cause and together they find a solution. Her desire along with her tenacious attitude for inspiring and encouraging others has led her to become an author of “Sisterhood: Traveling the Scarlet Road to an Authentic Life”.
Professional Speaker Topics: Transforming your Mind
Overcoming the Odds
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

Transferring stress into a lifestyle of success

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