David J. Waldron
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Build Wealth With Common Stocks
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Subtitle: Market-Beating Strategies for the Individual Investor
Tagline: "An informed investor has a far greater chance of getting rich slow than getting rich fast, and getting rich slowly is better than not at all." - Best First Lines, Publishers Weekly
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Hire Train Monitor Motivate
The Ten Domains of Effective Goal Setting
A Great Place to Learn & Earn
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Harrisburg, PA USA
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Dedicated to personal finance, career building, and goal setting, David J. Waldron writes self-improvement books for those who want to take control and achieve the personal and professional dreams that matter most in their life. David's fourth book, Build Wealth With Common Stocks, released worldwide on January 19, 2021. David has contributed to Seeking Alpha, TalkMarkets, HR.com, and Career Education Review. He received a Bachelor of Science in business studies as a Garden State Scholar at Stockton University and completed The Practice of Management Program at Brown University. David and his wife, Suzan, reside in historic South Central Pennsylvania, USA.
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Personal finance, career building, and goal achievement. Take control and achieve your dreams at davidjwaldron.com.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

The pain of change is long forgotten when the benefits of the change are realized.

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