Homer Les and Wanda Ring
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Wilderness - How to Marry Jesus in 10 Years or Less
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How does a family of four, from middle class suburbia, wind up sleeping in a snowbank; in the dead of winter?
Like you, Homer, Wanda, and their two daughters, were frustrated with stale religion; and wanted more of Jesus. Disturbed by the immaturity of Christians, and having a heart-felt longing for intimacy with Jesus, they followed God’s lead into the unknown. Their journey led them down the ancient paths of faith. A faith journey filled with painful realizations, humbling experiences, and life threatening situations.
Buried in these pages lies a hidden map, that points to a deeper intimacy with Christ. If you throw yourself wholeheartedly into the hands of Jesus, as this family did, you may find this map; and its ultimate destination.
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Kingston, ON, Canada
Author bio
Homer, Wanda, Ida, and Fanny are a new breed of adventurers, willing to throw caution to the wind and follow God wholeheartedly. This family of 4 with their dog and bird in tow faced down the wilderness to pursue Jesus.
Bored with the mundane, they left their lives of extreme outdoor camping and audacious adventures seeking new challenges. Their thirst for the thrill of following God in faith drove ever onward. Soon they entered the high risk and financially demanding world of staying indoors, sleeping on real beds and eating regularly. A world that would require all their razor sharp skills to navigate.
Our intrepid band of pioneers have spent the past 2 years living in a small motel room. Their favorite pastimes of hide and seek and capture the flag replaced by standing up to the verbal assaults of drug-dealing pimps and former convicts. Adapting to the confined quarters, Wanda began leading an online prayer call for Canada while Homer has been dutifully preparing their online presence. Both have been judiciously crafting the story of their adventure, Wilderness—How to Marry Jesus in 10 Years or Less, into readable prose. Ida and Fanny continue their art work and spreading joy to all they meet.

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