David A. Bogart
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Onora tua Madre
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Starting in the streets of Italy during WWII, story of my mother’s life there. Concluding in marriage and moving to America that ended up being filled with domestic abuse.
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Smiles from Heaven, IN THE blink OF AN EYE
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Binghamton, NY 13904
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David A. Bogart, first time author of the book, Smiles from Heaven. He lives in the southern tier of New York State in a place known as "sinus valley." Newly retired, living with four children and his new puppy appropriately named "Angel." Life long salesman that was held hostage by friends and family until I wrote this book. I did my part, now you do yours. Buy this book!

Sometimes a disease can sneak up on us, cancer can be one of those that seems to come from nowhere. So, how do we handle it? Read our story from beginning to end, feel the courage from Barbara Bogart through the words of this book. Follow the different signs of grief that followed from an 8 year period of time. No, this is not a sad book, it's a book about life and what we make of it. Inspirational, motivational and emotional. You will never regret reading this story, Smiles from Heaven.

So, your life is going forward fine, no problems, at least problems that you can't deal with. Then, from nowhere that could be seen you are hit with something that could change your life forever! Are you prepared for that? Do you think that couldn't happen to you? Think again... Read this story, IN THE blink OF AN EYE which will tell you one thing, "always look both ways!“
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Our lives are a direct result of choices we make, the consequences of those choices whether it be action or words rest on one persons shoulder alone. The one who makes the choices either reaps the benefits or suffers the consequences of them. Think before you act, think before you speak and look at the big picture first before you make that choice. There is no finger pointing after its done ....... ~ David Bogart 2015

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