Tamara Armour
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A Woman Loves until a Man Lies
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If you are tired of being hurt by all the wrong men then please get this book. Do not wait until you can not take another heartbreak to get this book. All men are not dogs but when you get hurt then you start to believe that all men are the same when they are not. What if I told you there are certain men that you need to stay away from that are manipulative and that is the reason that you keep getting hurt? Learn more in A Woman Loves until a Man Lies.
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I just want to see woman begin to heal from bad relationships and begin to get their joy back. I am determined to help spread the word about, A Woman Loves until a Man Lies because I know that women all over America will begin to get out of bad relationships and start getting their peace and joy back.
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"Don't judge those who tried and failed, judge those who failed to try."

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