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Downsize Your Life, Upgrade Your Lifestyle: Secrets to More Time, Money and Freedom
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“Downsizing your life is a roller coaster of emotions. I would be lying to say it is easy.” – Rita Wilkins, “The Downsizing Designer”

Rita’s downsizing journey was inspired by a trip to a third world country when she traveled to Senegal, West Africa to visit her son who was serving in the Peace Corps. She was profoundly moved by the people who were truly happy even though they had so little. This experience ignited a new passion for living a simpler life with less, which then led her to downsizing from a 5,000 sq. ft. home to an 867 sq. ft. apartment. She fearlessly gave away 95% of her belongings to people who needed or wanted them. Now she lives with 5% of what she once owned and has never been happier. She now has more time, money, and freedom to pursue what matters most to her.

Having experienced the life-changing impact of living abundantly with less, Rita shared her story on the TEDx stage: Downsize Your Life, Why Less Is More. It also inspired her to write this book, Downsize Your Life, Upgrade Your Lifestyle so that others might consider the benefits of owning fewer possessions so that they can make room for what matters most to them.
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Philadelphia, PA
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Rita is a master of reinventing and redesigning lives, including her own. Her Downsizing Journey was inspired by a trip to a third world country. When she traveled to Senegal, West Africa, she was profoundly impacted by people who had so little, yet they were happy. This life-changing experience ignited a new passion which led her to downsize from her 5,000 sq. ft. home in the country to her 867 sq. ft. “jewel box” apartment in the heart of historic Philadelphia. She fearlessly gave away 95% of her possessions to people who needed or wanted them so that she could live a simpler, more meaningful life with less. She now lives on 5% of what she once owned, she has all she wants and needs, and has never been happier. She went from a life full of possessions to a life filled with meaning. Realizing the impact of her own Downsizing Journey, she was inspired to share about the impact of living abundantly with less in her TEDx Talk: Downsize Your Life: Why Less Is More which is approaching 1,000,000 views.

Rita Wilkins, also known as “The Downsizing Designer,” is a nationally recognized interior design and lifestyle design expert, TEDx speaker, and #1 Amazon bestseller author of Downsize Your Life, Upgrade Your Lifestyle: Secrets to More Time, Money and Freedom.

As an interior designer for the past 35 years, she has designed thousands of residential and commercial interiors throughout the United States including corporate penthouses, C-suites, and Supreme Court Justice Chambers. She is a graduate of The University of Rhode Island and attended Rhode Island School of Design, University of North Carolina and University of Virginia. Known as a highly effective, hands-on designer, Rita has received numerous design awards and has been featured in many national trade publications.

As a lifestyle design expert, she has dedicated the last three decades studying, observing, and impacting how people live, work, and play in their environments. In addition to her core interior design services, she combined the accumulated years of interior design and lifestyle design knowledge, expertise, and experience to create the Lifestyle Division of her company, Design Services, LTD. As a renowned Baby Boomer Lifestyle Design Expert, Rita is a sought-after motivational speaker, a regular guest on national radio, TV, and podcasts that reach hundreds of thousands of listeners, viewers, and readers. She is a regular contributor to business and lifestyle publications and blogs.

As the author of Downsize Your Life, Upgrade Your Lifestyle: Secrets to More Time, Money and Freedom, Rita is revolutionizing the way people view and live their own lives. By challenging them to reimagine, reinvent, and redesign their lives, they can then design the life they really want.

As a leading voice in the Movement to Live with Less So You Can Live More, Rita utilizes her Signature Blueprint Design Process that she has used for over 35 years to help readers:

• Discern what matters most to them.
• Clarify what’s preventing them from having the life they really want.
• See through their invisible walls of fear.
• See their own lives through a new lens of possibilities that aligns with their passion, purpose and “why.”
• Design a blueprint for the life they really want for themselves so they can upgrade their lifestyle to have more time, money and freedom to pursue what matters most to them.

Rita is the real deal. Readers love her inspirational stories because when she downsized her own life, she too, experienced the pain of letting go of possessions and self-limiting beliefs so that she could design and live the life she loves.

As a transformational speaker, a masterful storyteller, and a revolutionary thought leader on living with less, she challenges her audiences to disrupt their status quo thinking, break through their mental barriers and inspires solutions so they can expose what has been holding them back from having a more well-balanced life. Rita’s dynamic and high energy delivery confronts old ways of thinking so new conversations emerge and inspiration for the future can flourish. She is uniquely positioned as the leading voice and unstoppable force for the movement of living a richer, more abundant life with less. Through her inspirational stories, Rita reveals practical tools, tips and strategies that the audience can apply to their personal and professional lives so they can reinvent, reimagine and redesign the way they live work and play. She brings a fresh new approach to achieving work/life balance through her Signature Blueprint Design Process. Utilizing her blueprint framework, countless audiences have been emboldened to make meaningful changes, fearlessly let go of mental and emotional clutter and achieve optimum balance in work and in life. She authentically connects with her audiences so they, too, can live a life they love… by design!

A few fun things to know about Rita…

She is embracing her new “city girl” lifestyle in historic Philadelphia. She is the proud mother of two happily married sons and is excited about becoming a new grandmother.

And always creating something new and challenging…
While on a 30-day journey to the South of France, she prototyped a new location-independent lifestyle business model, Work 3 Days and Play 4.

She is a pilot, loves motorcycles, and blonde Cocker Spaniels.
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